Social Media Tool: 10 Twitter Practices to Gain Over 1,000 Followers

Like Facebook and other channels, Twitter is an important social media tool for marketers because it helps increase followers, which then increase sales. For this reason, it's essential to use it in the right way. Below are different ways that you can gain more followers on Twitter:

    1. Target influencers with large fan bases - Follow and focus on Twitter influencers who have a large, high quality base of followers. This base should reflect the same followers you want to target. Some of these influencers will follow you back. In the future, retweeting popular tweets from those influencers can also increase your followers.

    1. Tweet during rush hours - It's very important to check the time your followers are most active in order to get your tweets seen. The best time to post is between 1 and 4 PM. You can also post between 7 and 10 pm on the weekends, another high traffic time when people often check social media. Posting during these hours will increase your visibility, however, it's best to do some research and determine the most accurate times related to your target audience.

    1. Interact with your followers - Communicate as much as possible with your followers and show them you are interested in what they have to say. Continuously share topics of mutual interest and retweet content that your followers will find useful.

    1. Follow other people - It's best to follow people in your industry. This builds a community around common interests and establishes your voice in that community. Once you gain some exposure with good content, they are likely to follow you. Create a list of interesting influencers and engage with them on Twitter as well. As the saying goes, "if you build it, they will come", so the same is true on Twitter, "if you tweet well, they will follow."

    1. Be consistent and post often - Regularly post interesting, relevant updates. To get those updates seen by large amounts of people, it's also critical that you tweet several times a day. You don't want your well-crafted tweets to get lost in the Twitter feed. People often follow dozens or hundreds of accounts on Twitter and if your content isn't near the top when they check-in, it won't be seen.

    1. Put a Twitter button on your blog and your website - When visitors go to your website and read your blog, they will see the Twitter box and can click on it to follow you.

    1. Hashtags - Hashtags are effective tool to greatly increase the number of people who see your posts. How do they work? Let's say you want to reach web designers with your content on responsive design. By placing those words at the end of your post and inserting a hashtag in front, like this #responsive design, people who search for that content will find your tweets. If they like your posts, they are likely to follow you to get more updates. Unlike Instagram, it is best not to use more than three hashtags on Twitter. Using too many of them may confuse your followers about the purpose of your post.

    1. Post inspiring quotes - Look for quotes that your followers find impressive. When your followers like the quotes they are likely to share them with their friends which can also increase your followers.

    1. Focus on images - People process visuals 60000 times faster than texts. You can attract more followers with appealing images, but always keep in mind that they need to be relevant to your main topic.

  1. Offer giveaways - Giveaways are useful for attracting followers and generating leads. When you offer promotional discounts or free gifts, you are nurturing your relationships and expanding your target audience. If you use these ten tips consistently, over time you'll definitely grow your number of followers. With 300 million active users, Twitter has become widely used in different industries as a way for companies to engage with customers and grow their businesses. For some companies, like airlines, Twitter is actually a necessity for important updates and addressing customer concerns. By building a significant number of followers, companies can also increase their brand image and presence. One final tip for Twitter is that it's better to have a limited number of high quality, engaging followers than to have a large number of silent followers who are not your target audience. The goal is ultimately to get the right messages to the right people, not just the largest numbers.

How Twitter Followers Impact Our Popularity On Social Media

One thing that all social media sites have in common is you have to an audience. There's no way around it. No matter what platform you're using, in order to effectively work the power of social media into your marketing strategy, you will have to learn how each one works. Each social media site has its unique way of assisting you in building your network. Facebook has friends and followers as well as likes to your fan pages, while YouTube uses views and subscribers.

Both Instagram and Twitter only use followers and utilize hashtags to categorize posts, so you will have an increased chance of having your tweets or posts on your profile. So the more friends, subscribers and followers you have, the better the chances your opportunity will be seen by people in your target audience.

Implementing Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter into how you market your opportunity is huge and the amount of exposure to your opportunity, but using all of them is not necessary for a successful campaign. However, anyone who is serious about running a successful social media campaign should not leave Twitter out. The reason being, that unlike most of the major social media platforms, Twitter has a higher chance of increasing your popularity and reaching your target audience with the use of hash tags along with quality content. The biggest challenge is gaining enough followers to see your tweets and ultimately getting more eyes to look at what it is you're promoting. Getting Twitter followers can be done using a variety of different techniques.

One way and the most time consuming, but organic way is to use the search bar to find what the popular trends are and find who the experts are in that niche and follow them and everyone who follows them as well, then create quality content using the most popular trending hashtags to increase the visibility of your tweets and gain more followers. Another more increasingly popular method is to simply get Twitter followers. There are several providers of this service online that are offering to sell your Twitter followers, but very few offer you real organic users on legit Twitter accounts.

Once you have enough followers to your Twitter account, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and increase your popularity. Best methods to go about this is to research topics of interest in your niche and create some creative quality content on your blog, YouTube channel or article you've published and share with all your followers. Once you have attained that status you will have little to no trouble making daily sales or convincing more people to partner with you in your opportunity on Twitter.

So now that you know how important it is to incorporate Twitter into your social media campaign to increase your popularity and expertise in your niche. Your first goal should be to increase your audience by first getting more Twitter followers by either following other users and inviting them to follow back. Either way, once you have built your following up to over 1000 you should focus on including high quality content in every tweet along with 3 relevant hashtags to further your chances of adding more followers by current followers and users retweeting and favoring your tweets. It doesn't get much simpler than that, anyone can use this strategy and if followed consistently will deliver great results an increased popularity online in social media.


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